Feb 12-13

Feb 12-13

Cabinet Confirmations this week: The last action of the senate was to set up the confirmation vote on Steve Mnuchin.  This will happen at about 7pm eastern today.  (I plan to still can to urge resistance of this position.)

Next up: Shulkin, Veteran’s Affairs, then Linda E. McMahon, Administrator of the Small Business Administration

There are a variety of Senate business elements this week

Rally for Refugees: I spent time yesterday at Gonzaga and Whitworth’s Rally for Refugees event in Spokane.  This was a great gathering of folks who have supported resettlement of refugees for 25 years in Spokane.  It was my privilege to partner with them when I worked in Spokane.  10,000 refugees have been assisted as a part of this long established community program.  That does not mean that everyone understands, or is supportive.  It is key to be present and to provide facts about the situation.  World Relief has been the major partner.  It was great to partner with them and run simulations for our school staff so that people could better understand the situation of our newest neighbors.