Social Media for Action

Indivisible Walla Walla, Spokane, and more!

Social Media for action (and resistance: Agenda

Twitter – reading feeds, hashtags, follows, etc. & other apps

Google – setting up news alerts

useful web sites for resisters

Facebook – your questions:

Useful web links for today and beyond

Affiliates and Resources (Indivisible)

Social Media (This is a powerpoint slide show that was generated before our time together today… approximately what we did.)

smart phones: resistbot  Resist to 50409  Best for senators has some glitches, but faxes letters to Moc swiftly.

Indivisible Podcast

Technical notes:

Wifi password for 1st slide

Participants: BYO wifi device (smart phone, tablet, laptop/net device) and a Twitter account (free to set up)

Location: projection or TV with inputs; wifi that will support the number of participants.

Reflector2 and airplay: show iPhone on screen

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