Feb 8-10

Feb 8 -10 Please email, text, or call me about Thursday’s Indivisible meeting. (or leave a note in the comments below) Thanks!

I’m listening to the Confirmation debate on Jeff Sessions as I finalize this today.  I was shocked by the Senate’s sanction of Senator Warren as she read Coretta Scott King’s comments last night.  For me, this was a bigger call to action.  The Senators don’t appear to be listening to each other, and reached out to sanction words that were already in the Congressional Record.

Here are some recommendations from the Indivisible regional leadership:

  • Tell your Senator “Stop Gorsuch, Don’t Nuke the Senate”: Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. But this isn’t Donald Trump’s vacancy to fill. Early last year, President Obama nominated Merrick Garland, a distinguished jurist, to fill this vacancy. Senate Republicans refused to hold hearings, let alone a vote, on Garland’s nomination.
  • Now, they want Gorsuch to receive the consideration Merrick Garland didn’t. What’s more, if Gorsuch can’t get 60 votes, Donald Trump wants Republican leaders to deploy the “nuclear option” and do away with the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations. Going nuclear would destroy a critical check and balance in our democracy—we can’t let that happen.
  • Call your Senators, tell them you oppose Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, and demand they oppose the “nuclear option.” 
  • Tell Congress to put national security over party politics: No Bannon on the National Security Council. President Trump’s decision to remove the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff (actual national security experts) from the National Security Council and instead give a permanent seat to Steve Bannon was an unprecedented politicization of what is supposed to be a nonpartisan body.

Thanks for being a part of the engaged.  Senator McConnell stated that he thinks that we will get fatigued…. nope.  Not me.  I’m committed to making two calls a day.  “I’m not throwing away my shot.” (Thanks, Lin-Miranda and Hamilton!)

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