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Welcome to my blog: These pages are my personal blog that I’ve decided to use for this purpose until I find that they are not needed.  In making daily actions, my group of local Walla Walla friends didn’t want to replicate actions, or get an overload of information.  We wanted to split up the work, but make calls or visits to our members of Congress daily.

This seems like a simple goal, but it requires information for communication, and a lot of reading to have background on the people/issues that we wanted to make recommendations about.  My group zeroed in on Cabinet and Supreme Court Nominations.  That is what I am truing to capture there.

The unknown element was the impact of the Executive Orders.  I was personally horrified when I heard the text of the travel ban order.  I posted on my facebook page that I was going to join in a move at 2:00 in solidarity with an NYC group that was meeting at 5.  The WW folks met on main street, and then moved into the office of our Rep., where we were heard.  I was shocked that the burning of a Muslim Mosque wasn’t known to the staff, and left feeling like these small actions in communicating with the staff of our MoC was very important.  I took my voice on the road the next day, and visited Senator Cantwell’s office in Spokane.  She had not at that time been public about her position on the nomination of DeVos.  I left a full page of handwritten notes for the senator, and was assured that these would be sent immediately to DC.  Later that day, the senator did post her position.  I know it wasn’t my voice that made the difference, but it felt good to me to have taken action with thousands of others, and collectively make an impact to get an early commitment.

This is all to say, that there may be a few birdwalks, but mostly, my blog is about the nomination and confirmation process so that we know what it is, have information to make our views known, and sites to view/listen as the senate does it’s work.

I am the mother of a public university student (Go, Cougs) and taught at Seattle Pacific University and in our public schools.  I want my son to be an informed, active participant in our representative democracy.  I am also blessed to have two elder generations of women voters in my immediate family, and I want them to have information that they can count on and use if they want.  Not all members of my immediate family hold my personal political views, so I’d like to be respectful and consider both sides of all issues and nominations (when possible) using the most reliable sources (ever more complex) and presenting information in a neutral tone.  That said, I am a researcher in the area of Education and specifically Teacher Leadership.  I will try to say “in my opinion” when I know I’m going to that area.

Please leave comments if you are using these pages for your advocacy, and if there are things that you would like to add or see that need “fixing or changed” do let me know.  my email is  I welcome your input and partnership!


I’m also working on small workshops for media tools for advocacy.  If you are interested, let me know.  The first is in Walla Walla on Feb 2

5:30 Twitter – reading feeds (using Twitter) and other useful Apps: Countable

6:30 Google – setting up news alerts (and other Google Tools) Web Based Tools

7:30 WordPress blog  – set up for bloggers and group leaders

come as you are, but bring your wifi ready device, be it a cell phone, a tablet, or a computer…







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