Jan 30 and 31

Wow! So much about our world changed over the weekend!

Here are recommendations from MoveOn:

1. Overturn Executive ban overturns by Congress.

2. Tillerson floor vote tomorrow (Tuesday) – ask for this to be postponed.

3.  Sessions judiciary Tuesday 10 am. Jeff Sessions should be recalled to testify.

I think  that Cantwell and Murray need a hardy round of thanks for their support in actions on the executive order. Murray “President Trump is doing everything he can to make it look like he is the one who puts America first while anyone who opposes him doesn’t. But he’s not going to win, because he doesn’t understand what America is truly about. People across the country are standing up and making it clear that our country is built on immigration and diversity, and that we will not stand for a government that moves us toward hatred and division. United we stand, united we will fight, and united we will win.” Cantwell “Tonight I took this photo while standing with my colleagues and fellow Americans to demand President Trump rescind his discriminatory executive orders. We are a nation of immigrants, and have always been a refuge from persecution. I refuse to let injustice define us. These executive orders betray our core values and disrespect our nation. Together we will fight to end this executive order, lift the ban and restore justice and equality.” (from their  Facebook accounts)

more tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Jan 30 and 31

  1. Went with twelve new friends to Cathy McMorris’s office yesterday- the staffer wasn’t in but we left our handwritten letters about the ban taped to her door.

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