Jan 26-30

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: Congress

  • No legislative activity expected, Republicans on a retreat in Philadelphia.

Recommended Actions:

  • Keeping up the pressure on DeVos.  Word in town is that Cantwell hasn’t made a statement about her willingness to block this one.  I’m going to concentrate my communication on her.  I may make a visit to her Spokane office today or tomorrow.
  • Yesterday, I went with a couple of other local gals to the Walla Walla office of Cathy McMorris-Rogers.  We talked about human rights, and immigration.  I talked about the burning of the Muslim mosque in Kirkland in December and that there hadn’t been a statement from the Congresswoman deploring that hatefilled action.  I reminded her politely that she does represent me, and that I am concerned for my neighbors and friends.  I was clear that the current POTUS actions do not reflect my value system or what I think our laws are in regard to immigration.  Targeting one ethnic group or a group of people based on religion seems terribly regressive when we look in the rearview mirror at what we learned during WWII.  The staffer was very engaging, took notes, and said that she would share the information with the congresswoman.  I was glad to go with others, but will be willing to go on my own in the future.  My visit was spurred on my the 2 Hours a Week call to join CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) for an emergency rally to support our Muslim, immigrant, refugee and undocumented neighbors against attacks from the new administration  I figured since I could not be in NYC, that talking to my congresswoman at the time of their rally was a reasonable support.
  • I’ve started using Countable on my phone.  It really has the best list of what if up in congress ahead of time.  Here is the link from this week,  (I’ll aim to get next week’s up ASAP)
  • I’m gearing up for a social media skills session on Feb 2.  Here is a preview

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