Jan 24

Three Cabinet nominees — attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, housing and urban development nominee Ben Carson and education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos — will be voted on by the senate committees (Judiciary for Sessions, Banking for Carson, Education for DeVos) all three were slated for confirmations today.  Only Sessions and Carson will be on the docket as DeVos’ hearing has been pushed back.

Ben Carson (A piece from The New Yorker) (CNN from his first hearing) (His own words)

BHUD will meet in executive session for a vote at 10 am eastern. Senator Murray is on this committee.

Jeff Sessions (Post: recuse) (Fox: For Sessions)  Judiciary Senators

Tuesday’s judiciary committee meeting will start at 10 a.m. ET. While the vote on Sessions could come as soon as the same day, it’s believe the committee will discuss the nomination today then vote next week.      Live footage of the meeting can be seen here.

Betsy DeVos’ hearing has bee postponed until the 31st.  She did complete the paperwork as required for the ethics element. Pressure on Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) to hold additional public sessions seems to have worked.  (My editorial: Oppose this candidate if you want to have accountability in education.  Though she is seen as a union buster, she has no shred of accountability, delivering the worst education outcomes for charter schools in the nation.  By the time folks figure out how ruinous she is, a whole ‘nother generation of kids will have lost access to their free public education.  My suggestion is to recommend Linda Darling Hammond of Stanford as EdSec.  She has the research base and experience to make this work for all kids. TSW) Recommended action: Call Murray and Cantwell and OPPOSE DeVos.  HELP committee call friends and relatives in R states to urge them to do the same…




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