Jan 18

Steven Mnuchin’s financial policies will do little for ordinary families and working class communities, and he will do lots to ensure the continued wealth of his wall-street cronies. During the recession in 2009, he engineered the creation of OneWest Bank, a leader in foreclosing on seniors, and in communities of color, that profited him at the government’s expense. (Information from 2HoursAWeek)

1. CALL the Senate Committee on Finance   202-224-4515

2. CALL  the senators that make up the committee if any of them represent your state. We cannot stress enough – please pass this on to any friends and family that live in these states, and urge them to call. They need to hear from their constituents!

Committee on Finance Members, 2017-2018
Democratic members (12) Republican members (14)
• Ron Wyden (Oregon) Ranking Member    • Orrin Hatch (Utah) Chairman
• Debbie Stabenow (Michigan)                       • Chuck Grassley (Iowa)
• Maria Cantwell (Washington)                     • Mike Crapo (Idaho)
• Bill Nelson (Florida)                                        • Pat Roberts (Kansas)
• Robert Menendez (New Jersey)                   • Michael Enzi (Wyoming)
• Thomas Carper (Delaware)                           • John Cornyn (Texas)
• Benjamin Cardin (Maryland)                       • John Thune (South Dakota)
• Sherrod Brown (Ohio)                                    • Richard Burr (North Carolina)
• Michael Bennet (Colorado)                          • Johnny Isakson (Georgia)
• Robert Casey (Pennsylvania)                       • Rob Portman (Ohio)
• Mark Warner (Virginia)                                 • Patrick Toomey (Pennsylvania)
• Claire McCaskill (Missouri)                          • Dean Heller (Nevada)
• Tim Scott (South Carolina)
• Bill Cassidy (Louisiana)

3. CALL YOUR OWN STATE SENATOR and ask them what they will do to oppose Mnuchin’s nomination.  

Cantwell (D-WA)  (202) 224-3441 / (206) 220-6400

4. SUBMIT A STATEMENT for the hearing. Instructions (scroll down to bottom). It’s not too late – statements, which must be mailed, can be received up to 2 weeks after the conclusion of the hearing.

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)

Hello, I am calling to urge Senator _____ to oppose the nomination of Steven Mnuchin for treasury secretary.  If our president-elect truly believes in ridding government of it’s pay-to-play politics, this would be a choice in the opposite direction. Mr. Mnuchin is a wall street pro who has orchestrated the enrichment of himself and his fellow financiers off the backs of ordinary families, seniors, and working class communities, through predatory mortgage practices and foreclosures.  I am concerned that as treasury secretary he will oversee tax policy that will ensure that the wealthy stay wealthy, while ordinary Americans pay more than their fair share to make up the difference.

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