Jan 14 –

I’m using the weekend to do a bit of research and will post links here if they are time sensitive (or will become dated) or on the Links page if they are more useful to us on a daily basis.  Feel free to send links to me that you’d like posted for our group.  Is anyone headed for a Sanders rally?  Do you know anyone who will be at one?  I’m hoping for some real time feeds on Sunday.  If I get some I’ll link them on this page.

updates from the Hearings (HuffPo) This was an informative set of information bits that the HuffPo reporters files as the hearings were happening this week.  Next week, I’ll try to follow this daily.

Michelle sent this information yesterday: Tillerson Day 2

To sign up for Daily Action alerts, text the word DAILY to 228466 today!

Daily Action – a Facebook page that gives current info.  I’ll put on our links as well.  Its listed here because if you use Fb, you might want to follow this page.

Thanks, Michelle!

Signing up for my MoC’s newsletters, emails, and following them on Facebook.  I forgot to do this recommended action: “Sign up on your MoCs’ website to receive regular email updates, invites to local events, and propaganda to understand what they’re saying. Every MoC has an e-newsletter.” from Indivisible.  Doing that right now, today.  This will help us figure out when there will be local visits from our MoCs.  All the info I need to do this is on our page here. On my view of that page, the social media links appear in red.  I’m reminded while scanning the list that some MoC have multiple facebook accounts, one for running, and one for keeping all of us as constituents informed.  I’ll look for all accounts.

NPR’s story on this weekend’s rallies (listen or read)   What if Congress is doing “exactly the opposite of what the American people want?” Bernie Sanders.

A couple of other recommendations from Indivisible:

Set up a Google News Alert (http://www.google.com/alerts) — for example for “Rep. Bob Smith” — to receive an email whenever your MoC is in the news.

Research on Google News (https://news.google.com/news) what local reporters have written about your MoCs. Find and follow them on Twitter, and build relationships. Before you attend or plan an event, reach out and explain why your group is protesting and provide them background materials and a quote. Journalists on deadline — even those who might not agree with you — appreciate when you provide easy material for a story

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